Why "Butterfly Kisses" ?

Our name represents the bringing forth of the natural beauty that lies within. 


In the millions of "bits" of information that make up a photo lies another version that reveals the color, depth and vibrance as you remember it.  A version that tickles your eyes and makes you smile.


Our mission is to reveal that "Butterfly" image and give you the best possible version of your precious photo.  We also realize that a "heavy hand" in photo retouching is often worse than leaving the "butterfly" inside.  Hence "Butterfly Kisses" softly and gently urges the inner beauty of the image forward for you to enjoy. 


Your Photo... Only Better.

Times you may want a Retouched Photo

-  Special Moments

-  Vacation photos

-  Family Photos

-  First day of School

-  Recitals

-  Engagement photos

-  Resume Photos

-  Facebook

-  Online dating profile

-  Passports / CCP

-  Baby announcements

-  Obituaries

-  Cards and Gifts

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Your Photos... Only Better

Your Photographs mean a lot to you.  They represent memories and evoke special feelings from your life.

Sometimes they present you and your family to others.  It's only natural that you want your photos to look

as good as your memory of them.


We at Butterfly Kisses want to share in the joy of the precious moments you have captured by making them look their very best.  Learn more about what we do.

little boy Before and After


At Butterfly Kisses DPR, we use color calibrated state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high resolution, high quality photo retouching. To view more of our recent retouching work, please visit our online portfolio.






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